The most important, popular and appreciated activity is the publication of Spravodaj SCS (The SRA Newsletter). It is a magazine published regularly, usually twice a year, in digital and printed version, and distributed to the entire membership. It informs about professional activities, membership´s educational activities, international cooperation and about the life of the association in general.

Several members of the association participate in the editorial board of the magazine Silniční obzor (Road Horizon), published in the Czech Republic. The journal regularly publishes professional articles written by authors from Slovakia and information about our professional activities can be found in its rubrics, as well.

Other members of the Slovak Road Association (SRA) have served on the editorial board of the journal Inžinierske stavby (Civil Engineering Structures) or the magazine Mobilita, Stroje, Technológie, Ekológia (Mobility, Machines, Technology, Ecology).  Professional contributions of members of our association are regularly published in the magazines, as well as information about upcoming or past professional events.

An important task of the association is also to support publishing activities in the field of research and development, but also in the field of the construction of roads. Therefore, the SRA have supported, financially or in other forms,the publication of several books.

The SRA regularly provides information about the professional events to the VTS-news (Scientific and Technical Societies) magazine published by the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technical Societies (ZSVTS), where it informs about the activities of its member organizations.

The association also regularly informs about its professional activities,especially about those of the National Committee of the World Road Association PIARC in the PIARC Newsletter.