The first founding session of the Slovak National Committee AIPCR/PIARC took place on 6 October 1994. Mr. Ivan Gschwendt was elected as the chairman of the National Committee and Mr. Peter Ondroušek became the First delegate of the country. In 2008, Mr. Bystrík Bezák was elected as the chairman of the National Committee, who served in this position until 2014, when the National Committee suspended its activities.

Since September 2016, Slovakia has renewed the duties of the PIARC National Committee through the Slovak Road Association (SRA). One of the important tasks is to ensure a two-way exchange of knowledge and information between the PIARC Secretariat and experts in Slovakia and to support the First Delegate.

Officials and membership:

• The Chairman of the National Committee is Mr. Ján Šedivý,
• The First delegate from 2017 to 2022 was Mr. Peter Varga, since 2022 Mr. Peter Tvrdoň  General Director  of the Road Transport and Roads Section,
• The secretary is Mr. Marián Hanták,
• The members of the National Commttee are the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic, the SRA and representatives of the Slovak Republic in the Technical Committees.

In the current period (2019-2023) Slovakia has nominated a total of 15 experts for the position of member (M), corresponding member (MC) or young professional (YP) for 10 TC and 1 WG.

The list below shows the designation of these professional bodies and their name.

TC 1.2 Planning Road Infrastructure and Transport to Economic and Social Development
TC 1.3 Finance and Procurement
TC 2.1 Mobility in Urban Areas
TC 3.1 Road Safety
TC 3.2 Winter Maintenance
TC 3.3 Asset Management
TC 3.4 Environmental Sustainability in Road Infrastructure and Transport
TF 3.1 Road Infrastructure and Transport Securing
TC 4.1 Pavements
TC 4.2 Bridges
TC 4.4 Tunnels

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