The highest body of the Association is the General Assembly consisting of all members of the association. It shall meet at least once a year.

The executive and statutory body of the association is the Presidium of the Association, which elects the General Assembly usually for a  4-year tenure. The members of the Presidium numbering between 9 and 13 persons shall elect their President and two Vice-Presidents.  The Presidium shall be assisted in its duties by the association secretariat headed by a secretary appointed by a president. The secretariat executes organizational, technical and economic operation of the association.

The Audit Committee is a control body performing internal control of the entity's activities and management. It is accountable to the General Assembly.

A significant part of the association is its membership base. The forms of membership are:

- individuals ,
- collective (branches),
- corporate (legal persons),
- honorable.

Branches bring together individual members within a territorial unit, organization or professional field, participate in fulfilling the mission of the association and organize professional activities of their members.