The World Road Association PIARC is an international forum of experts focused on important topics in the field of road transport and road infrastructure in developed and developing countries. It was founded in 1909 in Paris, where it still has its headquarters. Initially, the aim was to provide information on the road construction in connection with the development of the automotive industry and later other professional topics were gradually added to its significantly expanded scope.

PIARC Brochure

Since 1994  the Slovak Road Association (SRA) has become a collective member of PIARC and a government member the Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic. In addition to the SRA, the collective members of the PIARC have also been the Slovak Road Administration and, since 2005, the National Motorway Company, a.s.

The SRA is currently represented in the PIARC by:

- Mr. Ján Šedivý - President,
- Mrs. Zuzana Fabianová - Secretary.

In a government level, Slovakia is represented in the PIARC by the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic:

  • the Ministry is represented by the First Delegate appointed by the Minister of Transport,
  • the First delegate since 2022 has been Mr. Peter Tvrdoň - General Director of the Road Transport and Roads Section.

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